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Discount Wallet serves a unified platform with a unique combination of Products, Services and Banking. We provide a multitude of features to the customers with an option of keeping their money in their personal discount wallet and use that money over multiple shopping portals. We are innovative and hard to find platform with great deals for keeping a value for our customers and business partners. We are unique of a kind and believe in long-term relationship with our clients. We, as a firm, are firm believers of satisfying our customers by building trust and maintaining the highest level of transparency.

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About DW

Available Products

Rewards & Earnings

  • Reward Points

    Get 50% extra as reward points on every Top- up in wallet. You can use these reward points for purchases you make.

  • Direct Cashback

    Invite Contacts and get 20% Cash Back in your wallet for lifetime on their every Top- up.

    For example: If your Referral Top- up the wallet with Rs. 500 then you get 20% i.e. Rs. 100 in your Cash Back Wallet. You can easily redeem these points through Bank after all the deducted taxes.

  • Level Cashback

    Refer Discount Wallet, a service sector platform that acts as a unique combination of products, services and banking.

    Make people realize the benefits of joining this hierarchy and convince at least 5 people to join under you and start earning the fruits of extra income. Build a hierarchy and earn up to 45% in total after reaching the 6th stage.

    • Level 1 - 20%
    • Level 2 - 5%
    • Level 3 - 2.5%
    • Level 4 - 2.5%
    • Level 5 - 5%
    • Level 6 - 10%

    We are willing to reach great lengths to keep our customers happy!

  • Stage Earnings and Royalty

    Suggest your friends and family to join and build a community on DW that returns greater value.

    Observe the Calculation based on 5*5 Matrix Plan on 500 Package Value:

    Stage No. of Joinees Business Collection Stage Earning
    01 5 2500.00 500.00
    02 25 12,500.00 625.00
    03 125 62,500.00 1,562.50
    04 625 3,12,500.00 7,812.50
    05 3125 15,62,500.00 78,125.00
    06 15625 78,12,500.00 7,81,250.00

    Total Income = 8, 69,875/-

    Royalty Income
    On Achieving 5th Stage- Rs. 25,000 for 6 months
    On Achieving 6th Stage- Rs. 40,000 for 12 months

  • Rewards

    Enjoy amazing benefits on accomplishing your 5th and 6th stage. Enjoy huge incentives on reaching the 5th stage and even much more on reaching the 6th stage.

    On Achieving Stage 5 - Honda Activa 5G + Dubai Trip*

    On Achieving Stage 6 - Swift Dzire or Harley Davidson Street 750 Bike + Dubai Trip*

    Valuable way to generate an extra income.

    Offer valid for 3 months; starts from August and ends October. All Rewards are delivered as promised.

Income Type


Till Date Joinees : 4000 +