About Us

We are driven by best -in -class experiences with organizational strategies for operational efficiency. We believe in valuable relationship with the users and for that we provide unified brand experience. Our value to the customers is the competence to precisely estimate the performance on our interface. We believe in earning the customers by providing unparalled transparency to them. From the very first attempt, we passionately bring integrity and openness to the customers.

We aim to bridge the gap between the consumers and emerging mobile payment options. We provide high end solutions to our customers to increase their sales and get an edge over their competitors. We as a firm are technology driven, knowledgeable, adequate and highly experienced. We help small and medium-sized businesses with thrive to grow and help to reach millions of their targeted audience. At Discount Wallet, we explicitly cater to all your business needs as customers can get access to our mobile savvy website from anywhere which helps you to increase your sales. Transactions done here are 100% secure and protected. The reward points and the cash back offered by discount wallet keep the customers satisfied.

About Us

With a world class customer experience and a growing in community of users, we are on are urge to be becoming one of the biggest online payment firm. Moreover the features of discount wallet embody clear vision and are rooted in the right technology yet simple to use. We deftly focus, align and advance those perceptions that a customer can have. Every customer who associates with us becomes a part of the team. We think the key to the best results is a happy and productive relationship. We are customer-centric organization that work single mindedly to deliver and foster the relationship with our customers.


As a startup company, our focus is to do better than our competitors in terms of service. Our major vision is to do tie-ups with various e-commerce firms and making payments easier for the customers. Our mission is to become one of the leading payment firms and provide suitable payment methods in accordance with the client’s needs. As an ecommerce firm, we constantly try to develop services to help individuals and businesses to discover new opportunities.