why join us

We have one of the largest reach to customers and credibility. We will serve you as the strongest partner to sell your merchandize to customers all across the globe. The unique value proposition which we offer is the additional discount which the customer receives while shopping from our registered vendors and partners. The associated customers will be provided an additional discount over and above the discount provided by the listed vendors.

Why Join Us


  • 50% rewards points on every wallet recharge.
  • Upto 45% off on products offered by Discount Wallet vendors.
  • Exclusive access to frequent special offers from our partners’ sites like CSI, Trendzzmart, QRT Recharge and many more.
  • Easy to keep a track of your expenses with the discount wallet passbook.
  • Easy to use and maintain an account as no transaction charges are levied on the money in your wallet.
  • Invite a friend and enjoy unlimited benefits.
  • On every Referral Top-up, you earn 20% of the recharged amount.

Extra cashback is the exclusivity that sets Discount Wallet apart from its coupon competitors. It works on a very simple concept. For every sale that is driven to an online retailer, a certain percentage of the order value is paid to us as commission. Instead of keeping this commission to ourselves, we share it with the user unlike most other coupon sites. This creates a win- win situation wherein the user gets the best offer and we get a small part of the commission from the retailer.

Team at Discount Wallet is highly skilled, absolutely goal-oriented and works for 100% results. Get associated with us and we will ensure that all your business vision are accomplished and translated to give optimal results. Our promotional strategies will definitely help you to outsource your work. We follow a completely professional approach towards the partnership.